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Hajj visa & tour

Every Muslims wish to perform hajj at least once in their life, so they can devotion to Allah. Before taking this holy journey a Muslims should have idea about the requirement of hajj visa, so they will not face any problem in gaining visa. Therefore, umrahpackagess has taken broad care these packages in order to offer the hajj packages to guests of Allah almighty.

Umrahpackagess is contracted to one of the largest and reputable service providers in UK with many years’ experience in offering quality Hajj packages UK. You can get hajj and Umrah with different facilities such as visa, flights, internal transportation, Ziyarat tours, alongside tours of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and hotels to accommodate all types of passengers.

To ensure that all the spiritual and physical needs of each and every pilgrim is met accordingly. Each member of our team both in the United Kingdom is fully trained and has many years of first-hand experience in dealing with pilgrims from around the world. you can get luxury 24/7 hot and cold buffet meal with 5-star hotel stay and our VIP hajj packages are very suitable for business professional staying in UK.

We want to ensure that you receive the best possible service and that you have enough information to help you understand the services we offer here at umrahpackagess. We deal no obligation quotes and are open to provide religious guidance even if our package is not suitable for you.

Hajj Umrah Visa Requirements:

  • Vaccination - along with a valid A.C.W.Y. MENINGITIS vaccination certificate
  • A certificate for any medication you are taking
  • 4 recent passport sized color photographs
  • Payment of deposit / balance by the due date (prior to Departure)
  • Make sure that you are also bound by general travelling, airport and airline rules / laws & regulations that are not listed above.
  • If you are carrying a non-Muslim name, a certificate from the Imam of your Islamic Center indicating that you are a Muslim is required.
  • For Hajj Umrah you will need a valid Hajj visa. You can arrange a visa as part of your Hajj Umrah package.
  • Spouses of UK residents/Citizens must have an official stay permit with a least of 12 months remaining on their passport on buying a Hajj package.
  • Passports must have least of 6 months’ legality at time of application for a visa; Keep in mind when searching for cheap Umrah packages.
  • Men aged 18 and over can be a Mehram to women or other males under 18 are not.
  • Women over 45 permissible to travel without a Mehram, however must still be travel with another male, so travelling in a group is a good preference. Speak to our Umrahpackagess advisor for more detail information.
  • Allow at least 21 days for the complete visa process to be done when booking a Hajj Umrah package.

Who is The Mehram in Saudi Hajj Umrah Visa Application?

Son 18 years of age or older, Uncle, Grandfather, Father, Husband and Brother are considered as the Mehram in agreement with the law of the Saudi consulate/embassy. You should have taken it into consideration before submitting for Umrah or Hajj Visa application.

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